Website development is done immediately taking into account the requirements of search engines, thanks to which it reaches leading positions faster than competitors! As a result of cooperation, you get an excellent resource advanced in search engines!

Apart from the designer, marketers and SEO specialists work on the development of the site, thanks to which we get a selling design and a quick hit of the resource to the first positions of search engines. If you were looking for website development in Kazan and came to us, this speaks of the quality of our work.


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Website development with BFB is a cost saving initial investment, quick start and accelerated SEO results (Turnkey website and optimization are done in parallel). You can download an example of a contract for the creation of sites by the link:



Many websites and web projects need in large quantities of IPs, we offer consulting service for IP services at RIPE what helps you to lease or get own IPv4 and IPv6. You can download an example of a contract for the IP services agreement by the link:


Financial guarantees
When developing the site, we use a technological process consisting of 6 stages. Each stage is controlled by a technologist and quality control service located in UAE.


Short time
Creation of a site, as a rule, lasts 60 calendar days, the exact terms of delivery of the project depend on a number of factors: the type and content of the project, functionality and the presence of interactive "chips", CMS license.


Professional design
Creation of design taking into account the market, product, customer wishes, as well as based on ten years of experience and accumulated data on user behavior. Implementation of selling triggers, offers, and CTAs.